My most popular service! A Closet Facelift is perfect for those that can't see past the clutter in their closet. Half of the service is dedicated to clearing out your closet while the second half will be creating looks from the pieces that remain. This service is also offered virtually!

It starts with an in-home consultation where I learn about you and your needs, discuss what shapes look great on you, then analyze your clothing and accessories. We will decide what to keep, what to toss and what to alter. At the end of this two-hour closet edit, you will have only pieces that you love hanging in your closet. 

After editing down your closet, I'll spend two hours creating at least 10-20 complete looks for you from head to shoe! A digital lookbook will help you recreate each look on your own and make getting dressed easy and stress-free!

This service is offered in-person or virtually. 

By the end of your Closet Facelift service, you will have:


Alison Knox - Portland Personal Stylist
  • A basic understanding of shapes and accessories that work for you

  • 10-20 complete looks 

  • An edited closet only full of pieces  that you love

  • A personalized digital lookbook that will help you recreate each look.


Closet Facelift $525