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October 2014 was the start of my business -- a soft opening, if you will. I was asked to speak at a local Premier Designs Jewelry training on fall trends. The feedback I received from that night was incredible. A totally unexpected blessing. From that night, I received a few bookings for style consultations and services. I also raffled off a free style service and anyone that booked an appointment that night received 25% off. If you discount it, they will come.

First, I went to Crawfordville to edit the closet of the lady that won the free style service. We chose to do the closet edit to help get rid of the old and make room for new! I love things clean, uncluttered and organized so I see this as a necessity. Hey, your closet needs a deep cleanse, too! You should clean out your closet every 6 months and if you haven't worn it in over a year...it's gone! She was eager to throw clothes out once we got going and we pitched a lot of old, piling items. Not to mention, she had some styles that her young pre-teen daughter could probably wear but not a 30-something elementary teacher. She was a really good sport about it. I helped her style a few work outfits to help get her going and excited about what she still had.

The donation heap.

Next, I met another sweet girl who wanted to go shopping and receive a closet edit. She lived almost 3 hours away so she had to bring a fair amount of her closet in a giant suitcase. She wanted help letting go of some nostalgic pieces taking up closet space. A 30 pound pile of clothes later, we were out the door to shop.

She had a very limited budget but I was able to help navigate her away from her standard cardigan and try alternate layering pieces. She was unclear on her style as a newer young mom but she did want to incorporate trendier, funky pieces. You can do so much with layering pieces like a leather jacket and neutral blazer. These are closet essentials and a must to stretch your wardrobe and dollars! We took photos of how to style these items as a reference for future shopping trips.

So, who's next?!

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