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Is the Dress Black and Blue?

In a few weeks, most people won't remember the great dress debate of 2015. You couldn't go anywhere on social media and not see a picture of that stupid dress.

Really? Some of you see white and gold??

I don't care how they explained that your cones and spheres and yada, yada, yada, make you see it in different colors. When my husband told me he saw it in gold and white I started to doubt ever asking him a question about an outfit again.

On the heels of the dress color that ruined some friendships, I had my own dress problem and one of them just so happen to be black and blue. My husband, Mike, and I were going to attend the local Tally Awards honoring the best businesses in every area imaginable. The event was produced by and benefited the Capital City Youth Services. My friend, Rachel, works there and approached me about donating an item for the silent auction.

I donated an hour closet edit and consultation which was included in a basket with a Loli and the Bean gift card. Loli and the Bean is a boutique that specializes in monogramming but they have tons of other home decor and clothing. I decided to also attend the awards to get more familiar with local events like this and to support CCYS.

So I had two very different dresses to choose from. That is why the decision was difficult. One was very similar to what I would usually wear -- fitted through the bodice with a pencil skirt. Although I don't wear much pink, I loved the blush, on-trend color of the BCBGeneration dress (that I got 60% off!).

My other option was a brand favorite of mine -- French Connection. I had seen this dress online so I sought it out when I was shopping at Dillards. It's a good thing I saw it online because seeing it on the hanger is very unimpressive. I would have walked right passed it. Although it's very hard to tell, the underlayer is a dark navy blue.

I ended up buying them both and trying them on about 3 times each. Oh, indecision.... I finally chose the blue and black dress after much debate. Since it was still a little chilly (and the night of the event was crazy windy) and I am pale, the long sleeved dress that didn't wash out my pale winter skin was a good choice. Not to mention, it was different from my usual go-to cut.

The event was well attended and it was refreshing to see Tallahassee dress up for something. The silent auction was slammed with impressive baskets and items on which to bid. I was honored to be a part of it.

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