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The Whole Shebang

What I do right now -- helping women style outfits, organize closets, go shopping -- already doesn't really feel like work. When you throw in a best friend it definitely just seems like a pretty nice little Saturday. This past weekend I spent 4 hours (or so...but who's counting) with one of my best friends. Hey, friends need help, too!

We began in the late morning catching up on the week and then it was time to get down to business. We sorted closet 1. Then we sorted out closet 2. There has to be some poor, college kid that can't even afford plastic hangers who could take these off of her hands.

Chopper was my biggest critic of the day.

Goodwill, we have lots o' shoes comin' at ya.

Once I made Vita's bedroom look like the Salvation Army, it was time to spruce it up. I ordered and organized all her clothes that we decided she should keep. I also organized and displayed her shoes. She had been keeping a lot of them in the boxes but admitted that prevented her from wearing many of them. This was because she couldn't see them so she forgot about most of the ones stored away. She also needs quick and easy in the morning and even opening a box can be annoying when you are rushing around.

Keeping it professional with bare feet.

Sorting, sorting and more sorting.

Closet utopia. We need to get some shelf liners for her shoes to stand up properly and then it will be perfection!

I love creating organized closets full of clothes you LOVE that are versatile and look fantastic on you.

With a list in hand and resolve in our step, we went in search of clothes to fit the style Vita wanted to achieve and to replace some worn items we threw out. And how about our luck, both stores we went into were having 40% off your ENTIRE purchase that day! The shopping gods were good to us.

What a beauty.

A fantastic sale + ample amounts of clothing to fit Vita's style = a stuffed fitting room

Have you all been to Banana since they acquired J. Crew's previous head designer, Marissa Webb? If not, then you gotta check them out. You will no longer yawn your way through the store.

On the last piece to try on, I appreciated Vita's dedication to keep her jeans on with the last dress. Doesn't she look fantastically sassy?!

Yes, I will carry your bags for you. And your coffee. If you share.

The best thing about all of this is knowing the client walks away feeling good about themselves. They don't have to get stuck in a rut because their closet is unorganized or contains worn, unflattering clothing. They can swing open the closet door in the morning, easily find what they need and love every last thing in there. And, most importantly, they feel confident and love how they look in those pieces.

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