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Closet Edit Round-up

Last week was all about the closet edits. Both of these girls had a lot of clothes. One, in a very large walk-in closet and another in a tiny closet bursting at the seams.

The first closet edit last week was for a client who had so. many. clothes. Many of which, she had never tried on or even knew she owned. The large majority of her pieces were hand-me-downs from family and they were extremely dated. The items she had purchased, especially the more recent ones, were flattering and pretty. It was obvious the ones she hadn't selected for herself. We spent over 3.5 hours whittling away at her wardrobe and in the end...let's just say, her husband has some room in the closet now.

Packing up the donation pile. We might need a forklift to get all of these bags out of here...

Ahhh serenity....

The next stop was Amy's teeny tiny and oh-so packed closet. Girlfriend had t-shirts and long sleeved tees for days. Not just that but many duplicates or the same shirt in multiple colors. Now I don't think that is necessarily a bad thing. When you find something that fits well then it makes some sense. However, one doesn't need 5 black t-shirts. Especially when space is limited. Not to mention, Amy desired to have a trendier style which means we needed to get rid of so-so things and some of those duplicate pieces. This purging would make room for more stylist pieces that she was drawn to like a polka dot blazer and some peplum tops!

No weiner dogs were harmed in the cleaning of this closet.

The stacks just kept getting higher.

More clothes for the donation drop-off.

Whether your closet is spacious or tiny, there is always a need to refresh your closet. Like last Saturday, a rainy day is a great time to go in there and tackle your wardrobe. Your husband will thank you.

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