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For Everything There is a Season

There is something very refreshing about the changing of seasons. Not only does the turning of the seasons come with a change in the weather but also a change in pace, lifestyle and, of course, fashion. Although fall's clothing and fashion tends to be my favorite, I welcome a shift in wardrobe.

For every season there are mainstays. The styles that seem to be repeated year after year. In the spring, there are florals and pastels and maxi dresses. Such spring styles can just be expected year after year. So, I decided to round-up some of the more exciting and new spring trends.


Think, less picnic blanket/Little House on the Prairie and more fitted, structured pieces. You will see it most commonly in button-down shirts and skirts of varying lengths and cuts. Avoid anything that swings too far on the other side of the spectrum -- too cutesy or sexy. Keep it safe with classic cuts and pieces.


The culotte is not for the timid but it is back with a vengeance. It was seen last year but now they are kind of all over the place. Just remember, the rule (and I would say one of the only rules in fashion) is to always wear what flatters your figure. Culottes will not flatter everyone -- probably not even most people. But if you choose to go where most dare not to go, amp up the look with heels and shorter is better if you aren't the height of Karlie Kloss.

Judo belts

I gotta tell you that I am pretty excited about this one. I welcome any trick to make the waist appear tiny and cinching it with a wide belt is it. This season the judo (or obi) belt was seen on the runway as the belt of choice. Hey, you can't deny that even Danielson looked svelte with that tight karate belt around his waist. Now swap out the white coat for a shirtdress, shift or matching set and your shape will be on point. No crane kick necessary.

Flare jeans/Wide leg pants

I read a few comments under a post about the return of flares and wide leg pants and some people were very upset about this news. They were saying things like, "You will have to take my skinnies off my cold, dead body!" Really? Just for the record, skinny jeans are not, I repeat not, for every body type. If you are top heavy or have an apple shape, they are not the most flattering cut for you. Skinnies have been the jean du jour for a long, long time now and these other cuts are more universally flattering. Remember the rule -- wear what flatters!

Bucket Bags

I still remember my mom's bucket handbag from the late 80s. It was a trend that I used to look back on and chuckle. Now it is back with a serious obsession level and I LOVE it! My, my how time and age can change things. There are mini bucket bags for those who are more petite and all are available in a copious number of colors.

Color Trends

It's spring so naturally there are pastels galore. Blue, yellow and blush are the predominate pastels for the season. Choose a shade that best compliments your skin tone (read: tan). Head-to-toe white is on display absolutely everywhere. Don't worry about matching your whites. You can even throw some off-white in there. Mix it up with different textures -- pair white denim with a lace tank or a perforated midi-skirt with a sheer button-down. Also hot for the spring is black and white paired together. The modern twist here is trying to avoid adding that "pop of color". Keep it simple and minimal with neutral accessories.

Fringe and Tassels

Yes, Lord, yes. The fringe and tassels craze continues and I support it. I am loving it more as a small detail or on accessories -- heels with fringe or tasseled necklaces and bracelets. Bring it on. I recently bought a turquoise clutch with a tasseled zipper and it's pretty fantastic. Fringe and tassels lend a great flow and movement to fabric.

Gladiator Sandals

Don't fight it. The gladiator sandal trends is real and it's here again. The good news is that, although the lace-up to the knee is most "trendy", a gladiator sandal can lace or buckle around the ankle. Wear what makes you feel most comfortable. Note: the full on lace-up style is a commitment. Once they are on, you are in them for the night.

There are numerous other spring trends out there. Just remember to wear what flatters you but try to go outside your comfort zone and experiment with one of these trends. Change is good.

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