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An Eighth Grade Dream

Most probably remember their first dance. The first dance I went to was in 8th grade. However, I went to a small Christian school and my parents really, really didn't want me to go. I don't know what made them concede but I guess the trade off was I had to be covered head to toe. Oh and I also had to agree not to dance...at the dance. Because that makes sense.

My dress was some sort of olive green ankle length dress made of sweater material. Note: this dress length was NOT considered cool. It was not referred to as a maxi dress in our circle. It was just what Christian school girls wore. To top it off, my dress had a matching cardigan. I did not appear to be someone heading to a homecoming dance. Or any other sort of teenage social gathering. And as for the dancing, at the very end I broke free from the outer circle of head nodders and twirled around the dance floor to "Kiss From A Rose" with my girl, Kaneesha. Secretly praying my dad didn't bust out from behind a latticed partition and ground me from next year's dance.

Ashley needed a dress for her first dance -- her 8th grade prom. Ashley is a tomboy but she wanted to wear a dress and feel pretty. Don't most girls? She tried on a lot of dresses. A lot. We finally decided on an adorable pink and gold dress. Pink and gold sequins on a girl who doesn't wear dresses?! This was certainly a shopping home run in my book! The dress was strapless, though, and she wanted a wrap so she would feel more comfortable. I also thought that would help so her dad wouldn't kill me when he saw the dress I helped her find.

Next we still had to find a statement necklace (for added coverage) and shoes. Ashley's date, Tater (whom, of course, was referred to as Tater Tot for the rest of the day), wasn't too tall and she wasn't comfortable in heels. Thank goodness the fashion world created pretty, event appropriate flats years ago! Statement necklaces are everywhere, as well. so that was easily found.

Ashley was fortunate enough to attend her 8th grade dance not looking like she borrowed something from her grandma's closet. Although, she was probably not lucky enough to rap all of Coolio's "Gangsta's Paradise". I do feel as though I lived a little bit of life through her that night. I would have loved to have worn a beautiful dress like that when I was 14. I hope she grabbed Tater and danced the night away to Seal or Boyz to Men's "On Bended Knee." Or just whatever songs they listen to in 2015. Either way, she looked like a gorgeous pink princess!

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