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Contrary to what the large gap in posts would indicate, Amazing Gray is still up and running. I hate to go dark for so long. Early June was crazy busy, then I was on vacation and now I am dealing with some personal things that have taken me away from the blog for a bit. So let me review two closet edits I had last month.

I met Kelly through a personal friend. She is a delightful person and was so ready to bid sayonara to a good bit of her closet. It had been several years and two babies since Kelly had taken the time to clear out her closet. I guess it is more like had the time to clean out her closet. Not only did she need help tossing out ill-fitting and outdated clothing, but she also needed help styling some outfits for a trip to Canada.

Sorting, keeping, trashing, styling, donating.

Kelly ended up with a much smaller closet but each item made sense for her life and current style. She also had a few outfits that would take her stylishly through Vancouver.

This makes me so happy.

Karen was my next client and she was ready for a complete closet overhaul. She had gone through some significant life changes and she was eager to rid herself of some of the baggage that clothing can have attached to them. Part of that significant change was a job transition which required much more professional dress than her previous position.

I had never met Karen before and had only spoken to her once on the phone to discuss our appointment. However, her closet edit has been one of my favorites. She needed this. Not just to tidy up but to move on from previous relationships and jobs and negative memories. These are the times when I'm reminded that this is so much more than clothes and fashion and organization. To me, it is my ministry. This is what God created me to do. Unfortunately, when I was younger I could never think outside of the box. I could never see fashion as being anything more than selfish and superficial. Luckily for me, God is so much bigger than my understanding.

I never preached to Karen. I never prayed with her. I just allowed her to talk with me and hoped that she felt it was safe to share and let me be part of this process with her. I would say we were 100% successful in getting her wardrobe in perfect health!

And it doesn't even include the extra bedroom closet that we filled with "garage sale clothes".

Karen had some great foundational pieces which made it really easy to shop her closet. Her had lots of blazers and blouses and dresses that could be mixed and matched for work. That is so crucial and why I also suggest shopping your closet before actually going out and spending more money on clothing.

Previously, this closet was packed to the gills.

I'm so thankful for the women who have let me into their homes and rummage through their clothes. It's not an easy thing to let a stranger do but it's so refreshing in the end.

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