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No Mean Girls Allowed

I have been thinking about this post for quite awhile. I am reading a faith-based book by Holley Gerth about, essentially, following your dreams. There is a statement in it that has stayed with me"...[God] didn't place you in this world for a purpose just for you to go through life being 'fine'."

Whatever it is that Amazing Gray becomes down the road I do not know. But I do believe that God has me doing this for a purpose. That purpose could be growth in the process or strengthening the skills he has given me. Even though the ultimate plan may not be clear, I do see this as the calling God has on my life.

Whether you agree that God places callings on people's lives or not doesn't mean this post won't hopefully resound in your heart. What I want to ask is, "Why don't we support, applaud and encourage anyone that pursues a dream (or calling) on their life?"

I don't ask this while pointing a finger. I ask it because I have been humbled by my actions in the past. Those actions have become more obvious, and obviously wrong, as I have gone down this "pursuing your dream" path myself. I didn't, and couldn't, always be excited for my friends that had a creative outlet or success. That inability was firmly rooted in my jealousy, insecurities and pride. I wanted to pursue my heart's desire but I wasn't and I was jealous of those who had the guts to do so.

You see, you really put yourself out there when you show to people "this is what I want to do" and "this is what I am about" because you have just set yourself up for great success...or great failure. What a vulnerable place to be in without the support of friends and family to cheer you along the way.

Is it a "mean girl" thing? Girls can be so judging of each other at times and it shouldn't be that way. You know, I don't love cats. I love animals but cats have some sort of evil inside of them. Even so, if you told me you had discovered that your purpose in life was to create a book entirely of cats, I would be all for it! Be the crazy, book cat lady and fill your life up with what gives you purpose! Nothing brings a person more joy that doing what they are equipped and gifted to do.

I personally can't get 100% behind yoga. I'm hyper, inflexible and all that "my eye recognizes the spirit eye in you" stuff throws me off. BUT if you told me nothing made you happier, nothing felt more true to who you are or allowed you to bless more people than yoga, then I would raise a glass to you! I probably couldn't have done that a year ago but, today, I have to do that. I have to do that because I believe so strongly that God didn't create us to muddle through life. No freaking way. How does that glorify Him? He is glorified when we do what His purpose is for us.

I realize this isn't the typical closet edit update or seasonal trends post. However, I think it's important and...well, it's my blog and it is relevant. If you still need your thirst quenched for something fashion related, I promise to post about my finds during this year's Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. And you haven't missed it yet! The sale doesn't end until August 3.

Finally, a shout out to two people who encourage and push me DAILY. You mean the world to me.

My husband. My heart.

My girl, Vita (shown: Declining to dance with me because, apparently, that is not my God given gift.).

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