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Transitional Pieces - Part 1

Today, I was texting my mom who lives in Illinois. She was telling me how their summer has been mild and even in the high 70s all week. My reply was, "I'm melting."

Although, it is not realistic for us here in Florida to start thinking about fall clothing, I do think we can start getting in that mindset. We might as well since all the blogs and magazines are already taking us there. Besides, aren't we all a little tired of our summer clothing by now anyway?

In this post, I am showing four ways to style a summer staple. The frequently asked question this time of year is "how do you transition your summer clothing into the fall?" It's time to breathe some new life into these items. Let's start with denim cut-offs.

If you have paid much attention to some of my posts this summer you know these cut-offs are a favorite. Unfortunately, they are too big and probably on their last leg. It might be the last few months I can wear them so I want to give them the respect they deserve!

This is one of my favorites. I love "dressing up" casual pieces. The ol' "winter white" is more of a winter cream this year. I know, I know...what is winter white? It's just white with warm undertones. I chose a light cream blouse and these tan wedges that I have been wearing for most of August. Right now, I really love wearing all neutrals instead of adding a "pop of color" but neither is wrong. Do what you like! And expose those toes for as long as possible. You will have plenty of time to keep them hidden stuffed inside of a pair of boots.

This racer back tank from Banana Republic has also gotten a lot of mileage this summer, too. I just added one of my favorites pairs of flats in a leopard print for some interest and a vegan leather jacket with quarter length sleeves. Leather immediately warms up an outfit.

I think this shirt was advertised as a sweater but, trust me, it will do you no good when the weather drops below 60. That means it is a great transitional piece. Any light sweaters do the trick for taking your summer pieces into fall. Booties will, again, be all over the place in the next season. Mine are really old but I have my eye on several in gray suede and with fringe.

Keep that flannel you bought last fall and roll it into your fall wardrobe for this year, too. Don't you love it when that happens? I love plaid shirts from Rails. They are SO soft you could possibly double them as jammies. My husband got me these Hunter boots for Christmas last year and they are such a closet staple. This is especially true if you live in a wet climate (north Florida = the Amazon). I also like them for something other than a riding boot or bootie.

The options are really endless when pairing pieces with denim shorts. This a great time of year to start assessing your closet and see what you may need to round our your fall wardrobe. Next week, I will post about transitioning a summer dress into fall. Consider it more of a 4000 level class. Have a great weekend!

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