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Transitional Pieces - Part 2

If you read my last blog post, you saw I styled a summer staple -- my distressed denim shorts -- with transitional fall pieces. Now I realize it is a very good possibility that many ladies do not love a shredded pair of shorts like I do. As in, don't even wear shorts, period! Ok, I get that. That is why I also wanted to show a summer staple that every woman certainly owns...a summer dress.

Whether you prefer a maxi dress or a shorter dress for summer, I am sure most wonder how they can get the most miles out of these. As with the shorts, it's quite simple once you get going! Just add pieces that are suited for warmer weather.

I decided to show a short, cream lace shift to transition into the fall. However, you can absolutely try the below suggestions with a floral summer print. Lace and florals (yes, flowers in winter) will actually be quite popular this fall.

I am slightly obsessed with this military jacket I finally bit the bullet and purchased from J. Crew this past spring. I know I get crazy looks about this but olive/military green can be treated as a neutral. Trust me on this one. You could throw this super thin jacket over your floral dress, too. I belted it to for a different look but you could definitely wear it open and add a scarf.

A denim jacket is kind of a duh but sometimes when you are rushing in the morning you forget the obvious options. This is a rather preppy look in which I added the belt over the dress and under the jacket this time. However, after lunch hour the belt may just find itself on the floor board of the car.

Vests will be easy to come by this fall. I could have belted this vest, too (I am a big fan of belting) but wanted to mix it up, again. It's actually stepping outside my comfort zone to not belt something. I have done it so much I tend to feel frumpy without a belted waist but I know that's not the case. I could have also shown this with a puffer vest, military vest or a longer vest. I dressed this look up a bit with strappy heels and jewelry.

When figuring out layering, ask yourself if you can layer pieces under and over. I would have preferred a solid black, thin thermal under this dress and not the striped. But my black long sleeved shirt bit the dust last year and I need a replacement. I am not a true fashion blogger in the sense that I have endless options. I have to work with what I have and that's more realistic for all of us. Add a thin layering shirt under your summer dress, throw on a scarf (especially if the layering makes the neckline less than perfect) and booties...done.

Learning to transition some of your summer wardrobe into the fall will stretch the versatility of your closet. With "capsule wardrobe" becoming a buzz word, this is the core of mixing and matching pieces. Fall trends are up next week (fingers crossed!) and this is my absolute favorite time of year and favorite thing to talk about. Thanks so much for reading!

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