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Fall Trends Report 2015

Yesterday was the first day of fall. Hooray! It's almost like you can instantly feel the crispness in the breeze and the sweat on your back drying off! I gotta tell ya that I am so ready for fall weather to hit Florida. It is my favorite time of year for my favorite section in my closet.

As always, the fall trends are overwhelming and quite numerous. I tried to narrow it down to ten items seen most frequently that are also easily translated for the everyday woman. Again, this isn't all-inclusive so you will certainly see many other trends this season. I would be happy to talk your ear off if you were interested in obtaining a longer punch list.

Fur Accents

Faux fur (for most of us and those carrying a PETA card) is back again but not just for vests. It was seen used as accents all over the runway -- fur pockets, necklines, hems, etc. I also liked the option above with a fur wrap and then belted. Not really a look for going to get your oil changed but certainly something for a fun night out.

Block Heel Boots and Booties

So.much.70s this season. One example -- block heel boots and booties. Easier to walk in than a stiletto heel but trickier than stacked since these are most often a sky high heel. Pair it with a midi skirt (above) or dress up your wide leg pants that we will be talking about later on. Add pretty detailed floral or lace hosiery underneath for extra coverage and warmth when the temps start to dip.


Guys. I did not think I would be typing that (and saying it for many future months) but turtlenecks are receiving crazy love this season! Sure didn't see that one coming. I used to wear these as part of my uniform in kindergarten and tucked under a jumper, for pete's sake. The good thing is, it's a great way to transition some of your warmer weather dresses. Just throw a turtleneck under it! I'm serious. Turtleneck, dress, fall boots and done.

Velvet and Suede

When I think of velvet, I tend to think of the crushed velvet hunter green shirt I had in middle school (aka the midst of the 90s and My So-Called Life). The jumpsuit above is leaps and bounds from that! You will see lots of velvet and suede this season on clothing and for accessories. I am especially loving the suede on handbags, footwear and fringe or A-line skirts.


We will see lots of high necklines this season. Your mom will breathe a sigh of relief. The victorian look keeps with high necklines (also seen earlier with the return of the turtleneck) in lace and ruffles. This is where the velvet also comes into play along with puffed sleeves and brooches. It's fun to be a girl!

Lace-Up Heels

Just like the lace-up heeled sandals of spring, we have the fall version [swoooon]. A good pair of shoes can absolutely make an outfit. I already bought my first pair of these and I plan on having a colorful array by the end of winter. Come to me, pretty shoes.

Colors of the Season

With the return of the 70s, naturally, there will be a lot of warm neutrals -- browns and coppers. Blah. Luckily, the Pantone color of the year, marsala (Go Noles!) will be everywhere, too. If none of those are appealing, you are in luck...there are a lot of other color trends for the season. The expected head-to-toe black, navy, gray, winter cream and neons (thanks to the mod influences) and you can never go wrong in a jewel tone in the cold winter months.

A-Line Skirts

I recently got in a heated text thread with a couple girls over a skirt you may be seeing a lot of now or very soon -- the front slit skirt. My girlfriend saw it in her J. Crew catalog, snapped a picture and asked a couple of us our thoughts on it. My friend responded first with an "Ohhhh gawwwd! I can't!" I, on the other hand, really like the style. However, I do have a memory of my seafoam green denim version ripping up to my _ on the playground one day in 5th grade. So maybe don't wear it for tag or sprints during recess. Even more so, there will be the A-line, button front suede skirt flooding every store this fall. Pair it with booties or block heel tall boots and a tucked in blouse to highlight your figure.

Tassels and Fringe

I loved this trend from spring and am very happy it's still here for the fall. And, boy, is it ever. Fringe on skirts and booties add really fantastic movement to clothing. In addition, it is all over jewelry with tassel earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Also, keeping with the 70s vibe, there will be an influx of sueded handbags covered in fringe. Bring it on.

Long Line Blazers

Longer and boxer is the fit for blazers right now. This goes hand-and-hand with the continual fall appearance of menswear. This is nice for those that like a little extra coverage in the back. It also gives your outfit a more easy, laid back vibe than a fitted blazer. A blazer is my favorite go-to topper for fall since Florida rarely requires a winter coat. It can really pull your whole outfit together and is another classic layering option.

*Bonus: Denim Report

If anyone was keeping count (which is probably no one), I already listed 10 fall essentials. However, "what type of jeans should I wear?" is a question every year. The short answer is "whatever flatters your body type" and I really believe the wash can make or break a pair of jeans. Whispering or bedazzled back pockets?....back away, sister.

For those that would rather chop off their legs than say goodbye to their skinnies, you are in luck. The once thought of as mom(ish) jean has become a classic cut. They are here to stay. The big break in denim is the return of flares and wide leg cuts. You will have to decide if you want them hemmed for heels or a flat shoe. Beware that this style could overwhelm a petite frame if worn with flats. Colors like gray and black will be the most predominate alternatives to your blues and faded distressed options.

The list really does go on and on. The best thing to always remember with trends is to wear what you like and not be held by the restraints of someone's list. If you are totally lost, it may be time to clean out your closet or call on a personal stylist to shop with you. Turns out...I know someone. Happy Fall!

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