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New Year, New Colors

It's that time of year when projections and announcements for the New Year are beginning to be made. Last week, Pantone announced their colors of 2016. I previously talked a little bit about Pantone here. And, yes, you read that right...their colors, as in plural. They are (drumroll please)....

Rose Quartz and Serenity!!

Again, I don't make up these names. So pink and light blue, basically. They have never announced two colors for one year before and they suggest pairing them together. Although, I am totally onboard with both colors all I can think of is this:

I am just going to leave this right here.

Does anyone remember the 80's home decor of mauve and teal or dusty blue?! I do...because it still lives in some of the bad (but cost effective!) vrbo summer beach rentals we have all stayed at before. I realize it is more of a pretty pale pink but I might have shrieked when I first saw the colors. I am fine now.

You have probably already noticed an influx of those colors so prepare to see more. Again, Pantone and InStyle suggest wearing them together. They will also go well with white (duh), shades of yellow and brown tones. My favorite (and the easiest) way to color block or match colors is tonal. Tonal colors are different shaded colors in the same main color group. That is why it's easiest! You take rose quartz and pair it with a hot pink or darker shade of pink. Serenity will look fantastic with indigo or teal...or mint (not really tonal but still a great option)!

How are you feeling about the new colors? I will have more to come on these shades in the months to follow. Have a great weekend, friends!

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