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This Season Go Beyond Flip-Flops

We welcome the arrival of spring with a layer of yellow pollen, the swarm of lovebugs in the air and the creeping of the sufficating humidity. Hooray! All of those lovely things aside, it really is the best time of year here. We are forunate enough to experience spring earlier than most other places in the country and it is welcomed every year with open arms and the shedding of layers.

With the new season comes new trends. A thrill for some and a stress for others. For me, I think of spring and summer as our event in the track meet, Floridians. This is what we do! It is also what we can do badly and where we tend to do what we want (because if you haven't been south of the Florida border in July then you really don't know what the Earth's core feels like or what I am whining about). I do agree with this theory to an extend. Ya know, I am going to wear the heck out of my shorts and I will not step one pinky toe into a pair of jeans until October. What is not ok, it just throwing your hands in the air and tossing on the same pair of Reefs and that shlumpy dumpy PCB Spring Break '97 t-shirt. Nope.

I have a better idea...how about trying some of the spring/summer trends this year? I have mapped out my top 10 which I think make the most sense for most age groups and those who are hesitant to do "trends". I got you covered. Just keep scrolling...

Shoulder-Baring Tops

I don't know what says summer better than an off-the-shoulder blouse or dress. It goes really well with the popular bohemian style. Not sure if you can pull off full shoulder exposure? Try a cold shoulder blouse which exposes just the shoulder with added coverage elsewhere (like the two images above on the left).

This cold shoulder blouse is bascially an off-the-shoulder style with training wheels.

Solid Stripes

Stripes are classic. It doesn't get more Americana/cover of Southern Living magazine than a striped shirt during the summertime. This trend takes is a few steps beyond a classic tee. These are bold, colorful stripes. I love the option above since the vertical stripes elongate where most women want it.

Feminine Details

Fringe and Tassels are the returning trend champion. Three seasons strong and I'm loving it. From skirts, hemlines and vests to details on sandals and handbags. Dust off your fringed pieces from last spring and work it like a new addition.

Fringe isn't the only one having fun. This spring you will, as you would expect, see lots of feminine detailing -- eyelit, laser cut-outs, lace, sheer, lace-up tops and shoes, and knife pleats. For swimwear, set your sights on a crochet number. One pieces are still enjoying another season in the sun with all those sexy cut-outs and detailing. Now you can look super hot to trot and not sacrifice exposing too much. And for those that want extra coverage, a sheer caftan cover-up (with fringe or pom pom edging) works great as does a gauzy romper for the younger set.

Spring Colors

Spring means pastels. That is just a given. Another color having a moment is orange. Pair it with off-white/light tan, olive green, white, navy or purple for something extra attention grabbing. Black and white paired together is another popular return from last year (or as some may call it...classic).

As I talked about in a previous post, Pantone chose two colors to represent their colors of the year -- rose quartz and serenity. To the rest of the world, that is pink and dusty blue. Most of what I have seen and read, pairs the two colors together (like above). I personally think that looks a little Ice Capades Barbie unless your blue/serenity is denim. I tend to like pink with gray, olive green, white and red. Dusty blue looks great with a tonal combo like they did above with the darker blue sandals. Try serenity with ink blue, metallics or other neutrals.

Block Heel Sandals

The block heel shoe was popular this last fall and now it's sticking around in the sandal form. A block heel looks exactly like how the name implies. Although, it doesn't offer the same level of stability as a wedge, it sure beats a stiletto! It, like the wedge heel, is the perfect option for backyard parties, and outdoor weddings...you won't find yourself sinking into the grass like quicksand, However, if your friend needs their lawn aerated then go right on ahead with that spiked heel, girl!

Bomber Jacket

I realize this might not be a trend everyone is busting down the doors to get. However, I have seen it quite a lot already so it seems worth noting. This is a great outerwear option for those that have a longer, cooler spring season and/or cool summer night. It is a casual look but pairing it with feminine pieces is always more unexpected and interesting. Try it over a maxi dress or with a long floral skirt. Or you can certainly opt for the safe bet with distressed skinnies.

Jewelry Trends

Ear crawler earrings (L); Collar necklace (R)

The minimal trend in jewelry continues. Sure, you will still see statement necklaces and killer earrings but the majority will be dainty and simple. Let the tomboys rejoice! Ear crawlers and ear jackets will continue to be popular. They are fun without being flashy which is good for those who usually shy away from this accessory. Fringe and tassel jewelry -- in the form of necklaces, earrings and bracelets -- will also have another go-around. Lariat necklaces and mismatched earrings are also trending again. Another continued trend that is picking up more steam is the collar necklace and even the choker. Look for collar necklaces that open at the neck to elongate.

The Shirtdress

A look for the people! All ages, all sizes...you got this one. It's so classic that it never really goes out of style, per se. Try a shirtdress with a belted waist to create an hourglass shape or highlight the one you already have!

Blown-Out Plaid

Aka large gingham. So...another twist on a repeat. Gingham was all over the place last year and this year it is, too, just in a different way. Larger squares! Seems a bit ridiculous to even differentiate. However, it has a more laid-back (even 90s) vibe to it. You will see it on matching separates and dresses to wide leg pants and more.

Denim and More Denim

So much denim this season. Denim dresses in the form of shirtdresses, halter dresses, fit and flares, military inspired and others will be all over the place. These are lightweight options so rest assured that you won't be sweating to the oldies for the sake of fashion. At least not in one of these. The A-line denim skirt is also still trucking right along this spring and summer.

For spring, and those who like to wear jeans in the summer (Who are you? Do you not have sweat glands?!), most of the fall denim trends will continue into this season. Although the skinny jean is still hanging around, it's not sitting as high on the hog anymore. However, skinny jeans with a released hem (anyone remember this trend from about 15 years ago?) or frayed edges have more of a fresh look. Flares and cropped, wide leg denim are having a hayday. I don't even want to talk about the cropped jean trend. I am just letting you know it's out there (boy, is it ever).

This wasn't too overwhelming now was it? Lots of repeat offenders which really makes life simple. The change from cool to warm temps in a great time to reevaluate what you have and what you need. And what you need help me. In all scenarios, a personal stylist can help and I am more than happy to do so! Have a great weekend and go forth the season with confidence!

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