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A Sort, Shop & Style

"So...what do you do, again?" Not an unusual question for someone to ask me. Totally understandable. The title "personal stylist" isn't well defined like "teacher" or "doctor". It, also, isn't used very often (or, at all) around here.

I recently restructured my services thanks to the guidance of an online program I took earlier this year, The Paid Stylist. If anyone is thinking about, or already is, a personal stylist and wants to get invaluable suggestions and help from people already killin it in the field, this is a gold mine. Although these mentors absolutely know what they are talking about, I wouldn't have added a service if I wasn't comfortable with it or didn't believe it in. No biggie, though, because I also tested out the services on a friend and found them to be very necessary.

My premium service is a Sort, Shop & Style. For details on this service, you can go directly to my services page and read about it there. I took a new client through this process recently and I wanted to share briefly about the experience. It really is a total wardrobe rehab. And, sometimes that really is what we all need! You gotta just hit the hard reset.

It starts with 2 hours in the client's closet sorting through old, unworn, unflattering and unloved seasonal pieces. We get rid of them. I also do a little organizing in there so you can actually find things in the morning before you have had your second cup of coffee. From this session, we create a shopping list and budget. I haul the bags of clothes off and it's all out of your hair.

The next step is a shopping trip with me! I go ahead of the client and set pieces aside or have them ready for you in the fitting room. No hunting and walking around aimlessly because that is the worst!

And this was just one store! You do have to be in the mindset to try on some clothes. You have to see it on your body and I will help show you how to wear and style individual pieces.

Tuck? Untuck? Front tuck? We check out all options to see which looks best!

Taking these puppies back down to the shoe department but first...a selfie.

The shopping trip really is so much fun. Clients start to learn what they like and don't like as the session goes on. Not to mention, we always hit a home run in the shoe department.

The last session is 2 hours back at the client's house to style old and new items together. The final piece of the puzzle. This is done on a separate day because, trust me, shopping is an olympic sport. You have to have time to recharge. This involves a lot more trying on but, again, it's worth it! Some things seem like they will work out but then you put them all on together and it just isn't right. And I save all this photos and put them online for you to view, save and see my notes.

Some outfits don't necessary require trying them on (yay!). In this instance, while the client changes into another outfit, I lay out pieces together and snap pictures. Quickly. I want to get as many full outfits put together as possible. These are never my finest pieces of photography but it does the job.

A few other questions to probably answer: Yes, I do love doing this. Yes, I also really like going through people's closets (even dirty shoes). No, your closet isn't that bad and if it were I wouldn't mind. That just means the after pictures will be that much more dramatic and satisfying.

I get weird looks from people. I know some sales associates wonder what the heck I am doing. I walk around stores taking a lot of pictures (sometimes in sweaty gym clothes after a workout...you gotta do it when you can!) which I am sure can be strange, too. But I love it and it has been a pleasure to work with these women.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


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