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Fall Trends Report 2016

At this time, writing about fall is a major tease. We still have a good stretch of heat around here. But you and I both know that the first teeny, tiny hint of coolness in the air will have everyone running for their Uggs, scarves and grande PSL (please notice how Uggs has never and will never be on this list). I will be honest, this season's list was a challenge. In my mind, I kept hearing people ask, "who would wear that?" to most pieces listed as being hot this season. And I wouldn't have blamed them. I really aim to list items that I think most people (ages and sizes) would actually purchase. I know I can't appeal to everyone but the majority needs to be accessible and realistic to the everyday woman. Some of these may have already had a couple of seasons in the sun but they are still going strong and, most importantly, they can be found easily. So, without further ado...

Bell Sleeves

The 70s boho look is still hitting hard this season and this year it includes the addition of bell shaped sleeves. Let me take a brief pause to point out the term boho is used incredibly often but how many people actually know what that even means? I would assume flashes of celebrities and bloggers at Coachella come to most minds. That's pretty close. If you're a 30-something then ask your mom...she knows.

How to Style: No trick to rocking this style. Just throw it on and walk with the confidence of someone who's with the band.

Where to Wear: Although a flared, dramatic sleeve may seem fairly fancy for your day to day routine, you will find it on button down shirts and casual dress, alike.

Stylist Tip: Dress it down with a pair of sneakers, add a masculine vibe with a pair of menswear oxford flats or keep it high-profile with block heeled pumps!

Capes and Capelets

The return of the cape and the addition of the wee capelet (bottom photo). Modern day superhero attire! The cape has been around for a couple of fall seasons but the capelet is a fresh addition.

How to Style: Try wearing a cape over a fall boho dress. The capelet won't really provide any warmth but it's quite chic so draw attention to it by keeping the rest of your outfit simple. Remember with volume up top, you want to keep the bottom portion of your outfit slim to balance it all out.

Where to Wear: Don a cape in lieu of a lightweight jacket before the temperature drops too low. Save your capelet for a special night out or for an evening where you want to flex your stylish muscle.

Stylist Tip: Let a patterned cape or capelet be your statement necklace when worn over an LBD or party dress.

The Backpack

The handbag of the season is -- a backpack?! Hardly a handbag. The funny thing about trends is, they usually get several seasons to ride the wave and this one is no different. It has really picked up steam this year so it's a great time to get onboard. This accessory is no longer just for school kids or moms at Disney.

How to Style: The more modern backpacks have minimal detailing and a clean look and lean to a more casual look. Don't try to wear it for evening occasions (although, we all know switching handbags/backpacks out is a pain!).

Where to Wear: This is the perfect hands-free bag for weekend errands, family trips and shopping days.

Stylish Tip: NO VERA BRADLEY BACKPACKS. Or you son's Transformers backpack. That is not the right direction to take this.

Bomber Jacket

The bomber is still going strong. According to Google, the bomber jacket was one of the top 3 most searched fashion trends for this year, so people are interested.

How to Style: The bomber is commonly being juxtaposed with girly dresses but you can always play it safe with a look like the one above.

Where to Wear: Because of it's versatile nature, you could wear it over a fall dress to brunch or work (if your office has a more relaxed dress code). You can also throw it over a swingy top, denim and heels for a night out.

Stylist Tip: Although you will always see exceptions, I suggest wearing it more fitted and hitting at or just below the hips. Since they are a bit puffy, you don't want to add unnecessary volume. Pushing the sleeves up to reveal your wrist (the smallest part on your body!) is a slenderizing trick, as well.

Choker Necklace

Although frequently worn by celebrities going to music festivals, it ain't just for them! The options for chokers are numerous so you can certainly find one that feels right for your style and comfort level.

How to Style: Wear it in place of your standard small pendant necklace to add a little extra wow factor. They look especially great with open and deep necklines.

Where to Wear: Anywhere! There are fabric and suede lariat-styles that can be tied into bows for a more casual look and then statement chokers, like Kristen Wiig's, that would in place of your older statement necklace from last year.

Stylist Tip: Afraid the look is only appropriate for sorority girls and those of similar birth dates? Fear not. There are so many styles out there and a chic, gold collar spans the ages.

Fall Shoe Trends

I couldn't just choose one! Here are several to get you through the season.

The Block-Heel Booties:

How to Style: We saw these last year and they are still trucking right along. The heel doesn't have to be over 4 inches high but that tends to be more the norm. As the styles vary, so do each of their stylings.

Where to Wear: The options are endless with casual styles for the weekend and more sleek versions for the office.

Stylist Tip: Think booties make your legs look short and chubby? Choose a pair that is closer to your skin tone and hits at the smallest part of your ankle (usually a bit above your ankle bone). Still love those black booties but your have fair skin? Wear them with skinny jeans cuffed once or a midi skirt and matching black tights.

The Menswear Oxford:

How to Style: The oxford has been around for years but this time it seems to finally have eclipsed the flat. I love substituting these in for any time you would normally wear a ballet flat. The mens-inspired shoe looks great played against a cute dress. It looks equally appropriate with ankle length pants or boyfriend jeans. But be sure if you wear it with a casual top to bump it up a notch with a silk scarf or blazer. It is an oxford shoe, afterall...

Where to Wear: As long as you don't work at an ultra-conservative office, you could throw these into your 9 to 5 clothing routine. Keep them handy for weekend outings, as well.

Stylist Tip: If you tend to be top heavy (an inverted triangle as some would call it), you will need a shoe with a little more heft. Choose ones with a thick sole to add a little substance to your bottom half and even out your proportions.

Mary Janes:

How to Style: With the return of the 90's plaid schoolgirl-style skirt, also comes the mary jane heel. Ultra-feminine and paired nicely with a midi-skirt, it also contrasts well with ripped denim, leather and a good bomber jacket. Courtney Love and Gwen Stefani must be loving this return to their rocker girl roots.

Where to Wear: Completely appropriate for the office and they come in various heel heights for those who said goodbye to towering heels long ago. They are also a very now look for a night out in place of your stilettos.

Stylist Tip: I personally love a jewel toned velvet version like in the image above.


You have been baring your shoulders all summer...why stop now?

How to Style: This ranges from long sleeved off-the-shoulder boho tops and dresses to your standard button-down with a not-so-standard neckline. Try a boho top with flared denim or a suede skirt to keep the 70s feel going all night long.

Where to Wear: Save this look for your off-duty uniform and keep a coat handy if you have to step outside to any cold temps.

Stylist Tip: I can't really imagine anyone in colder climates wearing this in January so take advantage of it now!


Velvet, you have been gone for far too long.

How to Style: Since this can be found in a range of blazer, pants and dresses, the main takeaway is minimal jewelry or else risk looking like you're forever ready for your next Christmas party.

Where to Wear: A velvet blazer would work in a situation where your usual wool or tweed blazer would have worked. Try a velvet slip dress or jumpsuit for a special night out.

Stylist Tip: You can't go wrong this fall in jewel toned velvet pieces. This fabric adds great dimension to an outfit so let it be the focal piece of your outfit.

Fall Bohemian

Really, I would say this is the biggest overall style for the fall. Other subsets of this are mentioned earlier -- chokers, bell sleeves, etc. So bohemian has been around for awhile...consider this more of a refresher.

How to Style: Take this warm weather staple into the fall by pairing it with fall basics -- booties or over the knees boots and a duster over top.

Where to Wear: Perfect for the weekends, a night out with the girls or pair a boho peasant top or neck tie blouse with velvet pants and heels for one of the many parties on your winter calendar!

Stylist Tip: With all this volume, remember to keep your proportions in check.

Fall Denim

I'm not suggesting the patchwork or reconstructed jean will be worn by the majority of people but they were so prevalent on the runway that they can't go ignored! Good news, other trends that are still hanging tough : released or frayed hem denim, flared and wide leg jeans, ripped and distressed and all denim in an array of blue hues.

How to Style: The most important thing to consider about your next pair of jeans -- always purchase denim that flatters your figure and not just what the trends say is best. The mid and high-rise cuts are still taking the cake which flatters most body types.

Where to Wear: From casual Fridays to date night to family vacations...find the timeless cut for you.

Stylist Tip: Invest in quality denim. I can't stress how much you will notice a difference when you spend just a little bit more. You wear them so much that it will be well worth the extra coin.

Although this isn't an exhaustive list, I hope it will help guide you into the fall season. Have fun with your style, it's an expression of who you are!

Happy Shopping!


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