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Client Highlight: Sort, Shop and Style with Shannan

Updated: Apr 6

Sometimes I get a softball. Shannan already had a well-defined classic personal style. She had a great selection of blazers, shoes and jewelry to pull from and her items were in excellent condition. She is a lobbyist so she was already going into the office and was in need of professional workwear and styling.

She was gifted my Sort, Shop and Style service and when we had our first phone consultation, I asked (as I always do) why did she feel like she needed this styling session. She said she thought she did a pretty good job pulling outfits together but needed help trying some new things, incorporating more accessories and mixing patterns. I love all those things.

Sorting and editing her closet was fairly painless as her items made sense for her style and were in good condition. For the shop, we scored some amazing pieces from the French retailer Sezane and some fresh spring arrivals from Nordstrom. We finished our 3 part session with the style which is always this amazing moment where everything comes together. The client is able to see how things within her closet mix-and-match in new ways and I leave her with a portfolio of 15-20 newly styled looks. This is an incredible time-saver when getting dressed and takes away the confidence-draining activity of wondering if an outfit works or not. Here is a peek at our time together.

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