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What to Wear 30A: Spring Series (Part 2)

I am wrapping up the final part of the What to Wear to 30A in the spring. The final two looks are for the more casual beach-goer.

What to Wear for a picture-perfect 30A sunset

There are some good sunsets here so you definitely want to plan on making this part of one of your evenings. Again, in the spring the temps are a bit cooler at sunrise and sunset. If you haven't changed out of your swimsuit yet or you are still beaching it, this is the perfect cover-up. Add classic denim shorts and an open knit sweater overtop and you will look stylish but also comfortable. Take advantage of the small window of time when shorts and a sweater are weather-appropriate in 30A. If you love what you see, all items shown below are linked here.

What to Wear on a Bike Ride

People love a ride around 30A on a beach cruiser. It's a great way to see all the little beach towns and still enjoy the amazing weather and being outside. I always like to be prepared for lower temps especially if the cool breeze is still hanging around in the spring. Plan on an extra layer just in case and you can tie it around your waist or place it in your bike basket, if it's not needed.

I encourage us all to think outside the typical black leggings and oversized t-shirt. How about a pair of lightweight joggers with a more fitted graphic tee? You can tie the t-shirt at the bottom for an extra stylish tweak and opt from low-profile coordinated sneakers instead of a large clunky pair. I added a black camo full-zip jacket but I love this look with a denim or chambray shirt overtop and worn open. Don't forget the sunglasses and spf!

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