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Women's Head Basketball Coach, Florida State University


It was so easy to work with Angie. She understood my schedule and style and created the perfect plan around that. Her services take the guesswork out of getting dressed and are invaluable to someone with little time.

Coach Sue


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Mother & Professional



Angie (Amazing Gray) has a way about her that made the entire experience delightful. I was initially anxious about having someone help me with a closet audit, but the experience was great. She helped me identify preferences I didn’t realize I had. In addition I was able to take my existing wardrobe and expand it through new combinations I would not have otherwise thought of. She also helped me prioritize my needs and develop a shopping list. One’s style and personal brand is well, personal. She helped me dial in mine. Oh – and the shopping…was awesome! She arrived before me and pulled the items I needed – I simply showed up and tried them on at each store we visited. It was so much fun! I can’t wait to go shopping with her again!




Working with Angie was easy and incredibly productive. There isn't a single thing in my closet (including shoes) that I wouldn't wear; I didn't think that was possible! And I'm blown away by the number of items I had cluttering my space that are now gone. All of my clothes are now my style, my size and organized in a functional way. I highly recommend her services.


Mother & Business Owner


My sessions with Angie have been invaluable!  She has helped me get rid of items that I no longer wear or fit with great suggestions as to what my wardrobe was lacking and how to put together great outfits.  It has given me confidence when I personally shop to be able to pick items that will fit my wardrobe and my lifestyle.  She is so personal and friendly making it a process that was enjoyable!  



I really enjoyed working with Angie. She made me feel very comfortable and relaxed during the entire process. I had the “Sort, Shop, and Style” and we started in my closet. It was such a relief to let go of things I had been holding on to and not wearing. Angie also reintroduced me to some things that had been lost in my closet but that I should be getting more use from. (More on that in the style section.)

After clearing the junk out of my closet I had room (and empty hangers) for some new pieces. Angie paid attention to what I liked and styles’ that would work for me and off we went shopping. She beat me to the store and already had items pulled for me to try. Some of these were pieces I probably would not have picked out myself. There was no pressure to buy, if I didn’t love it we put it back. She did a great job and I bought some great basics that I probably never would have found on my own.

After the shopping we went back to my closet and Angie helped me come up with outfits. She made sure to style every piece including jewelry and shoes! It was a lot of fun seeing her mix and match things that I already owned and incorporate the new items I purchased. She took pictures of every outfit and now I have a whole set to refer to if I need a little help deciding what to wear. (Some mornings are like that.) It is great!


If you need a little motivation to get your closet cleaned out, or maybe want some help updating your style, Angie was fantastic! I highly recommend her!