Alison Knox - Portland Personal Stylist

Angie Roberts

Personal Stylist

The About Me page should be named the About You page because it is really about you -- the customer! This is where I tell you what I can do for you. That's what everyone wants to know, right? 

Here is what I know from years of experience and my own personal frustrations. You are here because you are busy. You are overwhelmed by your to-do list and at the very bottom of your list might be “shopping”. But probably not. You are frozen when you walk into your closet. You haven't had the time to shop and, if you have, it's been in a desperate panic for something you needed the next day. So, you reach for one of the same 5 outfits you always wear because you at least know it works. You are stuck and you feel incapable and unequipped to shop for your body and your lifestyle. The squeakiest hinge gets the grease and, personal style, that ain't it, sister. 

Hi, I am Angie and I have been styling women of all ages, lifestyles, body types and financial brackets since 2014. It started as a lifelong love for style and fashion and has grown into a deep desire to help women feel capable and confident when they walk into their closet and not defeated.  

Do you need just a quick closet refresh with a few new items to inject into your rotation with styling tips? I got that. Or maybe you need a full haul from closet editing, styling and shopping. I have that, too. I offer virtual and in-person services that fit a diverse range of needs and budgets. 

Ladies, this is clothing and not rocket science. We can have fun in the process so then you can go back to your to-do list. Or maybe just forget that list and pour yourself a full glass of wine. You have earned it!